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Numbers in the Teens


Foundation P have been learning all about the teen numbers. Did you know all the teen numbers start with a 1? This tells us that when you build a teen number, you will make 1 group of 10.  The next part of the teen number tells you how many extra ones you will have. So for example, if you were building the number 18, you would make one group of ten and have 8 extra ones. We build our numbers on tens frames and also with blocks to test it out.

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2D Shapes


Foundation P has been learning all about 2D shapes. We learnt that you can describe 2D shapes, by talking about how many sides and corners they have. Can you describe a triangle? How about a circle? Can you tell the difference between a square and a rectangle? 2D shapes are everywhere! A give way sign is a triangle. A clock can be shaped like a circle. A window can be a square shape. A TV screen is shaped like a rectangle. Keep an eye out for the 2D shapes all around you.

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Foundation P have been learning all about patterns. We learnt that there are different types of patterns, including AB, AAB, ABC, and AABB. We found out that patterns are everywhere, from footy jumpers to jewellery. You can make them out of blocks, colours, shapes, and even skittles and fruit loops!


Perhaps our favourite thing about patterns was singing along to the pattern song ‘Banana Banana Meatball’. You can check it out at the link below.

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Hello everyone and welcome to 2018!

This year we are challenging ourselves to be super learners.  Being a super learner is a bit like being a super hero. They both try their best, look after people and keep people safe.  One way we can look after people is by being kind. We read a story called ‘Have You Filled a Bucket Today’ that taught us about being kind, and how this fills people up with good feelings. We even thought of some kind things that we can all do for each other.

How do you be kind to people?

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Location, Location, Location


This week in maths, Foundation P has been learning all about the language we can use to describe an item’s location. For example, we can say an item is behind, in front of or next to something else. We also looked at words we can use to describe how someone moves from one place to another. For example, someone might walk past, over, or around things.

To help us collect lots of interesting location words, we read a story called Rosie’s Walk. Then we put those words into practise by going on our own walk around the playground. Can you spot all the location words we used?

First we walked across the oval.

Then we walked under the slide.

Next we went around the sandpit.


After that we trampled over the bridge.


Then we walked through the bars.

To finish off we strolled past the pine tree.


And just like Rosie, we made it back in time for dinner!

Did you spot all the location and direction words we used?

If you would like to watch a video of the story, Rosie’s Walk, you can check it out below:

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Zoo Excursion


On Wednesday the 9th of August, Foundation P went to the zoo. We had a great time looking at all the amazing animals! The next day we wrote a recount about the excursion and all the exciting things we saw. Some of our highlights were…

  • Seeing a 112 year old giant tortoise. We also saw a little tortoise fall on it’s head when it was trying to climb down from a rock. We thought he was a bit funny and clumsy, but luckily he wasn’t hurt.
  • Watching the meerkats. We liked how they snuggled up with each other and sat on each other’s heads. We also liked how one meerkat always stays on guard. 

  • Watching the seal show. The seal did cool tricks like jumping up in the air to hit a ball. It also waved at us! We had a really cool time at the zoo!

What is your favourite animal at the zoo?

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Foundation Dinner


Last Friday was our Foundation Dinner. Thank you to all the parents for bringing us back to school, we had lots of fun. Our highlights included…

…. doing some yoga.

… having a pizza dinner- we gave that a big thumbs up!

… eating an icy pole while we watched a movie- it was funny how it was all dark in the classroom!

… and making a grass head. We hope they grow their grass hair soon!

We can’t wait to do the grade 1/2 sleepover next year!

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How to Make A Volcano


Foundation students started term 3 by studying procedural writing. We learnt that the purpose of a procedure is to tell you how to do or make something. To put this into practise, we made a volcano and wrote a procedure about it. It was so much fun, we thought we would share it on our blog in case people want to try it at home.

To make a volcano, you will need:

A bottle, vinegar, red food dye, bi-carb soda, paper and a spoon.

  1. Fill the bottle half way up with vinegar.
  2. Put in 3 drops of food dye.
  3. Decorate the bottle with paper to make it look like a volcano.
  4. Tip in a spoonful of bi-carb soda.
  5. Watch it explode!

Check out our volcano (and our priceless reactions!) below…

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Looking, Listening, Learning


Hello everyone,

Today we did a little drawing experiment to investigate how looking and listening help us to learn.

First Mrs Phillips drew a picture and explained how she was drawing it. We had to copy it- but we weren’t allowed to look at it! We just had to listen carefully to the instructions. The results were that all of our pictures had some parts correct, but still looked quite different to Mrs Phillips’. It seems that listening carefully is not enough on its own to help us learn.


Here is Mrs Phillips’ picture…

Here are some of our pictures…


Next Mrs Phillips drew another picture. This time she drew it on the board while she explained, so we could all see it. The results were that all of our pictures looked pretty similar to Mrs Phillips’.

Here is Mrs Phillips’ picture…

Here are some of our pictures…

This little experiment showed us that you need to listen AND look when the teacher is teaching you. That way you will be able to learn the best you can. Happy learning everyone!

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Have you filled a bucket today?


Welcome to school!

To start our classroom culture on a postive note, we read a lovely story called ‘Have You Filled a Bucket Today?’. It told us to imagine that everyone carries around an invisible bucket to keep their happy feelings in. We fill up other people’s buckets when we do kind things like play with them, help them and share things with them. The great things we found out is that, when you fill up someone else’s bucket, it fills up your own bucket too. This is because it feels good to put a smile on someones’ face and make them happy. Saying mean things, snatching or hurting people empties their buckets. This makes them feel sad.

We came up with lots of ideas on how we could be kind and fill up someone’s bucket. We made some bright and cheerful buckets to put up in our classroom to remind each other to always be kind.

What kind things can you do to fill up someone’s bucket?

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